: Cut the SiriusXM cord at long last

05-11-13, 08:33 PM
The last time I had to deal with SiriusXM Satellite Radio was when they charged me full price on my credit card on file for a year of service. I NEVER pay full price and neither should you. I called them up and demanded they remove my credit card from their system and bill me. Well, I just got the first paper bill and it was, what else?, full price. NOT!

I still have the service even thought it should have ended the last day or April. Now I'm getting past due notices. LOL!! I sent them an email and told them to cancel the service and I got this reply telling me that I "had" to call in. I replied that I wasn't calling in that I had already wasted more time than they were worth and the please cancel the service.

I'm just waiting for a collection agency to call me demanding payment. If XM Radio thinks I'm going to call them so they can attempt to talk me out of their crappy system they have another thing coming. I am going to use my cell phone via Aux-In to play MOG streaming that I pay $9.99/month for and get on my phone, computer, iPad, and Roku.

I can't see how SiriusXM Radio is going to survive much longer with Pandora being installed in CUE.

I think the XM product is "OK" but the songs repeat way too often. That is my biggest gripe with them besides their pricing.

05-12-13, 08:59 AM
Steve, I feel you. I decided to cut the SiriusXM cord several months ago. I can honestly say I don't miss it one bit. Between my 32GB USB drive and the HDD, I have several thousand songs at my disposal. I absolutely hate commercials, on the radio and TV. So much so that I almost never watch "live" TV. I DVR everything. That was why I was initially drawn to XM. No commercials. However, they still have annoying DJs. When I listen to the radio all I want to hear is music, not some jerk talking in between each song. Besides, the poor quality of streaming audio over XM and Pandora sucks compared to the 320 kbps MP3s in my personal collection. The difference is like night and day. I've listened to songs on XM that I happen to have in my collection. Then, I quickly did an A/B comparison. Try doing that sometime. It'll really reveal just how poor the audio quality is. If you listen to XM as your primary audio source, you kind of get used to the crappy fidelity and don't realize what you're missing. Like you, I too got tired of the endless hassles, haggling over their rates. I always paid half price, but even that began to seem overpriced. Thankfully, they didn't have my credit card on file. Way back at the beginning I did give them a credit card no. Right afterwards, I realized I shouldn't have done that. I called them back and had it removed from my account. Few people know you can actually do this. I'd periodically go online and check my account to make sure it was still gone. Luckily It was.


05-12-13, 10:09 AM
Hi Sube,

I know exactly what you mean about the poor XM audio quality. I use MOG (mog.com) which streams at 320kbps and the only thing better is the original uncompressed version from a CD. But I don't buy CD's anymore because my musical taste is so broad. I much prefer the streaming service. The only downside to MOG via Aux-In is that I have to use my phone to change playlists and/or songs. But I'm usually content to just start a playlist and let it go since my local commutes are so short.