: 2005 Sts does out after throttle body cleaning and spark plug change

05-11-13, 05:01 PM
Ok. So I have a 2005 sts 3.6L v6 model. Coming up on 100k miles so I decided to change the spark plugs and clean throttle body. Replaced spark plugs with ac delcos same model that was already in the car. And then sprayed throttle body cleaner through throttle while wiping clean. Unfortunaly I did this mistakenly while car was off as well as I believe I may have used to much. So sure enough slap it all back together but car starts then dies out. Gave it some time come back start it hit gas pedal and then car revs high then dies out even with holding gas pedal in same position. Give it some more time change the oil and filter then come back car starts but dies out if I don't hit the gas. But if I hit the gas n hold it car stays on and will rev around 3-4 and stay there but if i take foot off the gas it dies out . So I'm thinking I flooded the car with throttle body cleaner but I'm unsure. Since I didn't start the car after the spark plug change it may well be something I did wrong while doing that. But I'm really thinking flooded with throttle body cleaner since the issues appears to get better with time ( as cleaner evaporates in engine I assume). Pissed that I messed this up but hey u live n learn. Hopefully this lesson won't end with a trip to dealer. I appreciate any and all input on this issue thanks in advance .

05-11-13, 05:37 PM
This is meant as a suggestion, as I forget things, like plugging in stuff, when I am done,
as i am tired of doing that task, and want to get on with the day.
Did you plug in everything related to the Mass Air device, AND, the throttle body ?
Happy Motoring.

05-29-13, 10:38 AM
dude, why didn't you take the four little bolts out and remove TB to clean. All you did was clean the clean side and left the dirty side alone. SMH