: Cabin Air Filter Replacement

05-11-13, 03:01 PM
It only took me about 15 minutes and no tools required for 2008 SRX. Here are the steps:

1. open hood
2. remove plastic grill from below the passenger front side (push in the two tabs and rotate up)
3. push in filter plastic cover on the outboard side and rotate up. This will loosen the other side also.
4. rotate and twist to remove the filter cover
5. locate old filter and pull out (some bending / twisting may be needed)
6. insert new filter making sure that the top of it sits next to the two tabs and is held back by the two tabs in front. You can feel this by hand.
7. replace covers

Note: if the filter appears to fall farther down at an angle then you need to take it out and insert it so it sits behind the tabs.

Hope this helps someone.

05-12-13, 04:19 AM