: 09 V A6 went crazy

05-11-13, 01:30 AM
it all started with tuning my A6 as per tuning school guide,, the car firstly drove ok for the first hour,, wasn't crisp/harsh as expected,, actually it flared in 3-4 and slipped in kick down but i thought it was only learning,,
when i was back home from first drive i noticed tranny clunk/bang right after engine restarts,, so i took it for another short drive and found it flaring/diving severely in 2-3 and 3-4 shifts in all modes,,
then,, i reflashed tcm back to stock values but issues persisted,, disconnected the battery for the night but that also didn't work,,
i thought it needed more drive to learn since scanner fast learn failed on me,,
i drove the car for another 2 hours and flares went even worse,, it also started to flare severely in 4-5 and 5-6 as well,, it slips whenever i floor it,,
TUTD downshifts work ok,, all gears are functional and usable,, 1st and 2nd feels healthy but all others are not as rpm goes up and down rapidly while driving in any gear higher than 2nd,, no weird noises or odd smells,, D nd R engage quick and firm,,

please,, help,,

05-11-13, 04:14 AM

05-11-13, 06:55 AM
The transmission is flaring in most of the gears, even after a change back to stock?

Well, your choices are a new 6L90 transmission (AKA stock) or purchasing a new built transmission from Circle D or another fine vendor.


05-11-13, 07:41 AM
any chance that tcm went bad or low fluid level?

05-11-13, 12:54 PM
Did you try it back at stock?

05-11-13, 02:57 PM
Did you try it back at stock?

He did.

05-13-13, 03:30 AM
which overhaul kit is best?