View Full Version : '94 Fleetwood A/C, interior lights and a windows motor. Lots of questions

05-10-13, 08:44 PM
Have a new '94 Fleetwood with a few problems I'm looking for advice on.

1) Driver side front needs a new window motor. One other GM products I have been able to drill three holes to get to the bolts/rivets and replace the motor without pulling the regulator. Possible on the Fleetwood?

2) The A/C compressor comes on when it feels like it. Pressure is up and it cools fine when it comes on but when you get in and start it it usually won't come on. My next step is to measure the voltage at the compressor to see if power is there or not but it got dark on me. Better ideas?

3) Interior lights stay on until you pull the fuse. I have disconnected all four door latches with the same result and the door ajar light works properly with all four connected so I don't think the problem is there. Is there a lighting control module or is it part of the bcm? Would like to know what wire controls it so I can isolate to a controller problem or a wiring problem.

Thanx in advance for your help

05-10-13, 09:30 PM
1 - Changing the window motor should be easy.
Getting into the regulator is the pain.

2 - Check the electrical connector at the compressor.
I have one out here that has that has a simular problem. The connector is burnt and slightly melted.

05-10-13, 09:42 PM
I have complete regulators with motors sitting in the trunk of my parts car. PM me if you need one or both.

05-11-13, 12:54 AM
Does your alarm go off randomly??

05-11-13, 11:51 PM
No, the alarm does not ever go off (and neither do the lights).

05-12-13, 06:34 PM
There is a module that controls those lights and door locks and could be your problem.. Sometimes by unplugging it or disconnecting the battery will reset the module and it will work right, but chances are it will do it again.. The module is under the 3rd brake. You can get to it from the inside of the car, not the trunk.. Just pull off the light cover and just under the light is the module... First try to disconnect the battery , and see if that changes things.. Then try taking out the module and see how it acts ... I'm betting you need a new one... But I have been wrong before... Dave