View Full Version : Anyone has FE4 shocks for sale?

05-10-13, 06:47 PM
Hi guys,

I know that there are many people who upgrade to FG2 and as a result they have an extra set of FE4 shocks that is in good condition. Anyone has a front set of FE4 for sale? I searched the classified, but couldn't find anything for front.


05-10-13, 07:15 PM
I have a set of FE4 shocks in good condition. I'm unsure of the mileage on them... I would think ~30-40k range? I picked them up maybe a year ago, and to be honest... never set em up and may not intend to. It was just too good of a deal when it was up to pass it by. If I can find the thread I picked em up from, I'll know what they actually saw for mileage

If there's any way to test it... I'll do that as well.

http://i1206.photobucket.com/albums/bb454/odthetruthv/776ab812693311e2b0f722000a9f18db_7_zpsdeb23ed9.jpg (http://s1206.photobucket.com/user/odthetruthv/media/776ab812693311e2b0f722000a9f18db_7_zpsdeb23ed9.jpg .html)

I sold springs to a friend of mine on the CTS section of this forum.

05-11-13, 03:55 PM
They are $100 each up front and $200 each rear from Luke @ Lindsay - not to steal the thunder from odthetruth.

05-11-13, 05:42 PM
They are $100 each up front and $200 each rear from Luke @ Lindsay - not to steal the thunder from odthetruth.

Thanks! If they are so cheap, I will definitely buy new!

05-11-13, 10:46 PM
You plan to buy or will buy???

05-12-13, 05:15 AM
I am one phone call far from buying myself a V1! It is the same V1 that we talked about, and as I told you it needs front shocks. I am planning to fly to the mainland and pick it up in person and drive to the west coast and drop it off in the port. I was trying to see if there is anyone in the mainland, especially around my travel path, who has the shocks. That would be much easier if I buy it and pick it up locally. But if new shocks are just $100, I would buy new!

But boy, the last call is always hard! You always start to doubt is this what you want? Right now I need to make a decision between two cars! B8 A4 Quattro premium plus, or a V1! I have been offered good deals on both and it is hard to choose one! I love both of them....

05-12-13, 01:26 PM
That V1 you're looking at could be a good deal for the price. Have you talked price with them lately?