View Full Version : 275 X 40 X 19 work well for daily drivers.

05-10-13, 12:02 PM
Its Friday and I'm looking for a distraction from work.

I just thought I would post my 2 cents worth of opinion on my tire selection. I went with a 275x40x19 all the way around for Midwest pot hole covered roads and have driven on them for 30 days.

I can report that the 27.7" tall tires are 15-20% softer on the bumps that the stock 285x 35x19, 26.9" tall tires.

Over all drivability is unchanged from stock size. No appreciable difference in cornering, breaking or anything else other than a smoother ride. I just wish GM designed a suspension that would accommodate wider tires like 345 x 30 x 19 w/o sticking out the side in the rear. They would look good on the coupe.

All in all, I guess I like the comfort of the setup. When going to the track, the slicks go on.

have a good Friday all.