View Full Version : will 2005 CTS V6 parts fit on a 2005 STS V6?

05-10-13, 08:53 AM
Im thinking about ordering an air intake for a 2005 cts and installing it in my 05 STS. But i dont know if it will fit.

Any information regarding this is very much appreciated!! thanks

05-10-13, 10:51 AM
Are you ordering the Volant intake? If so I'm pretty sure it will fit just fine....Somone else should be able to confirm those though.

05-10-13, 07:25 PM
Members report the Volant requires surgery but can be fitted.

...9029, expect a different sound but little added performance. The OEM intake is a good one. But it's your car. Have fun!

05-22-13, 08:43 AM
where can i see an OEM intake at?

05-22-13, 08:45 AM
What's wrong with yours that your buying an oem?