: D.I.C. of my BLS says Performance Limited ! Help!

05-09-13, 06:41 PM
Hi, I've had my BLS 1.9 (180) 5dr wagon for a little over 3 years and covered just 21500 miles. I changed the oil and oil filter, air filter and pollen filter only a couple of thousand miles ago and put new front tyres on the vehicle. Apart from having to replace the battery which failed after the car had been on the road for 32 months (not covered by Cadillac warranty I was told) I have had no problems with the car. Occasionally after a lot of short runs in a built up area I get a message to say the particulate filter is full and I take it for a spin on the open road and the message disappears. However, just this week the D.I.C. is displaying another message "Performance Limited" and the image of a spanner.
Frankly, I haven't noticed any limitation in performance. Car seems to be going fine - Any ideas what the message is pointing to? With my nearest Cadillac garage miles away from where I live and knowing the prices they charge for diagnostic testing, I am wondering if I can resolve this myself - with tips or guidance from fellow BLS owners. Any suggestions welcome.

05-10-13, 02:06 AM
Have a quick search one the SAAB forums


05-10-13, 10:27 AM

Hi, right, so you're in the same part of the world as me. I know it would most likely be a pain, but I would really consider taking the car to Evans Halshaw, Wavendon, Milton Keynes, 01908-288659.

Once you're on the M1 it really isn't that much of a fuss of a journey, ok, so I'm not sure exactly where you are, but if you are at or near J25, then it's a 65 mile straight run almost. I live further north and it takes me an hour and 20 minutes. To be honest, their service costs are very reasonable and the diagnostics are thrown in with the price. I've taken my own BLS there for the last two years and it costs me just 200. I'll be going again this coming August. My car has had all the known updates applied to it and it runs like a dream, even more so now I've changed the EGR for the latest Pierburg unit and fitted the Fiat EGR/inlet manifold gasket.

Hope you get it sorted.

06-28-13, 02:20 PM
Hi Cailean,

Did you get your problem fixed?

Funnily enough (or not), a week after reading your posting, my car also developed the "Limited Performance" problem. On a trip to the midlands to pick up some winter wheels for my wife's Merc I drove in a leisurely fashion to maximise fuel mpg readings. On the way back I had to floor it to get past a coach and make the slip road to join the M40 from the M42. Suddenly there was a "bing", the message "Limited Performance" came up on the DIC and it felt as though there was no turbo anymore.

I nursed the car to the next junction, came off and parked up. I tried clearing the error message (pressed CLR steering wheel button), then locking the car and waiting a while. When it restarted the message popped up but it felt like there was full power again. I drove home and the car felt fine and fuel consumption was okay.

I thought the problem had gone but on Wed night on my way home from work the problem came back. Again, this was just as I needed power to overtake in the 3rd lane of the M3. After this the warning message appeared every time I started the car.

After some research here, the Saab forums and the Fiat/Alfa forums I decided to follow ExRPO1 and replace the EGR valve and put in the modified Alfa gasket. I ordered them last night but decided to try the EGR cleaning process recommended on other forums for GM diesels. It took me a couple of hours, but the differences is noticeable. Not only has the error message gone (so far), but the car is also more responsive.

I will still be fitting the new Pierburg EGR and Fiat gasket as soon as they arrive, but having seen the coking inside the valve think it should really be part of standard maintenance for these diesels. So far so good.

PS yet again, I have to thank ExRPO1 for another helpful post which has saved my bacon this time. His posts have potentially saved me hundreds on getting a DAB upgrade and getting my Caddy back on the road without resorting to an expensive garage diagnostic and main dealer part replacements. Next up I think I will look at the DPF cleaning now that I have seen the extent of coking despite the fact that most of my journeys are motorway commutes and not short town trips.

07-02-13, 02:53 PM
ajp558, thanks for the kind words, most appreciated.

Hopefully, your swirl flaps are opening/closing ok. I had someone look at my swirl valve bar just the other day to see if it moved when I started the car. You'll need to take the plastic engine top cover off (and the foam thingy!) and have someone just look at the bar and see if it moves. If it doesn't, it could be stuck and your swirl flaps might be inoperative. Evans Halshaw always check this for me anyway and made a point of telling me they were ok on my last service.

I did have a noticeable loss of power the other day too following a weekend away, but no limited performance light. I think it was just the DPF carrying out a regeneration, which was most likely what was going on. I kept it about 2000 rpm for about 15 minutes and it was fine again. Probably needed it, I've been doing quite short journeys for the last three months.

I'm going to stuff the tank with some really good quality branded diesel on the next fill up. For info, I've just completed 600 miles on one tank of fuel, SID indicating an average 50 mpg. I do think though that the tyre pressures I'm running have had an impact. Running 37 psi all round on my Uniroyal Rainsport 2 XL's, when they've warmed up, they'll reach about 40 psi, which is optimal for maximum fuel efficiency on long runs.

07-20-13, 06:13 PM
When I got my BLS diesel 150, first thing I did was to clean the EGR valve, it was time ! I guess EGR valve cleaning is not foreseen on the dealer maintenance plan,
Last 10 days we drove nearly 2000 miles, everything went fine, average fuel consumption 50mpg (5.6l/100km) on highway. Nevrtheless, last saturday, I felt a lack of power on the Swiss highway but there was no DIC message. So I checked fuel consumption after a reset in order to find out if something could be wrong : average 23 miles. After a couple minutes everything went back to normal, so it was probably just a DPF regeneration.
In case the swirl flaps do not work anymore, it's possible to replace the bushing (but it's a lot of work, requires to remove the timing belt), I've seen them proposed on Ebay :
I've no feedback so I'm unable to tell if it worth to do this or if it's better to go for a brand new upgrated intake manifold. Sofar, mine is working fine but I'm aware it might become soon or later a problem like on many others of this kind.

07-21-13, 12:43 PM
Concerning the intake manifold, I believe that vehicles produced after 2007 already have the 'uprated' Pierburg manifold unit. Certainly on my own engine, the part number of the intake manifold is the same as all those fitted to later models of the Alfa/Saab/Vauxhall-Opel engines.



Be aware also, there is an electric drive module that operates the manifold swirl flaps:


I posted a link to the one above, because that is a brand new one and I personally wouldn't buy second hand if it came down to it.

It should be noted, that apparently if the inlet manifold is replaced, the swirl valve actuator should also be replaced as the original fitted to the car is 'mated' diagnostically at build. I am not actually sure whether or not this is the case, if it is, it could be that Cadillac Tech 2 is required to sucessfully 'pair' them, which could be an absolute pain if you're not anywhere near one of the very few Cadillac authorised service centres.

Notwithstanding all of the above, I still honestly believe if you are enthusiastic enough about your own vehicle, you'll do everything you can to look after it. I've no intention of parting company with mine for a long time yet, so with only 7000 miles a year going on the clock and the annual trip to Milton Keynes, it'll hopefully last a while. Certainly, I'm pleased I went to the bother of replacing the EGR valve with the uprated Pierburg unit and Fiat gasket.

11-01-13, 04:57 AM
I have a 59 plate BLS Wagon 1.9 TTDi auto. I had the dreaded limited performance warning appear on the dashboard. Fortunately the car was bought with a Network Q warranty (although the claim has yet to be settled). After lots of messing around with Vauxhall dealers (Network Q) and helpful Saab specialists, neither could sort the problem.
In the end I took it to Bauer Milletts and they diagnosed the problem as a Transmission Control Unit software issue. Although it only went in for diagnosis, they fixed it in less than two hours and I had change from 200. Never actually noticed in loss in performance, but the shift change quality has improved. So hopefully this might help others who get this problem resolve it.

11-01-13, 02:29 PM
I'm really pleased for you that you got it sorted and that you didn't have to travel too far?

You absolutely did the right thing in the end though by taking it to Baur Millet to fix, otherwise you'd have been going around in circles probably forever. The thing with Vauxhall and Saab specialists is, they don't have the Cadillac Tech 2 software for diagnosis, so it's pointless them trying to or thinking they can solve the problem. Your way the job's been done and you're all sorted. Too many other people would have been faffing around trying to get out of spending any money to fix it. Sometimes the only way is to get the professionals to look at it.

10-06-15, 07:20 AM
My bls 2.0t has been in limited performance mode for a while. It is difficult to get it going, and only picks up speed after a long time. Is there a way of overriding or deleting this this, so that it never gets into limp home mode again? Really annoying, especially because the technicians can't seem to pick up the problem using his fancy computer.


I am in pretoria south Africa