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05-09-13, 02:05 PM
I want to install LED interior lights on my 2010 Cadillac CTS. What's the best method to connect so that the interior lights are on when the headlamps are on?

05-09-13, 02:43 PM
So you want the interior lights to be on, when your outside headlights are on? where are you going to put these lights?

C "T" ess
05-10-13, 10:30 AM
I don't quite understand what or why you want your interior lights on all of the time when your headlights are on but there is a knob low on the dash by the steering wheel. Turning it will brighten or dim the dash board lights. Turning until it clicks leaves the interior lights on all of the time and all dash gauges at their brightest. You will have to manually turn them off by reversing the knob adjustment until it clicks by turning it back. I think to wire them into the headlight circuit would be an arduous task.