: Wheel fitment

05-09-13, 06:22 AM
I have found someone in Germany who would sell me barracuda voltec t6 wheels
This is an Swiss brand.

The sizes would be 20x8 or 20x9 in the front and 20x10 rear.
But I am afraid of the offset.
In the front 20 40 or 45 and rear 40.
Which offset should I take for my ctsv coupe?


05-09-13, 07:20 PM
Your stock rear Coupe wheel is 10.0" wide with a 40 mm offset. That makes the rear an easy choice.

Your stock front wheel is 9.0" wide with a 51 mm offset. A 9.0" wide wheel with a 45 mm offset will work fine in front. A 40 mm offset will also work, but it will stick out wider than the rears.

05-10-13, 03:36 PM
Your definitly sure?

05-11-13, 01:23 PM
You're definitly sure?

I'm sure about your stock size and offset. If you search the Forum on Coupe Wheels, you will find the numbers in many places. I do not have a Coupe; I have a Sedan. The front wheels are the same: Sedan or Coupe. If you buy the same width and offset - it will fit.

I measured the clearances all around my stock wheels, front and rear. I created a spreadsheet to work out the fitment for my next set of street wheels (which are 19x9.5" with 45 mm offset all around).

I also have track wheels which are 18x9.5x 40mm offset. So I know how that width-offset wheel fits. With a 40 mm offset, it is about flush with the front fender (sticks out a little more than I would like).