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05-08-13, 09:48 PM
Hey fellas. I'm having a hard time trying to get the search feature to work right on my ipad, so I give up and hope someone can answer me relatively easy.

Had a 2008 years ago, sold it... been driving something else. Need a truck and have been looking at a 2009 Ext and had three questions:

1) All 2009+ come with integrated Bluetooth correct? It's activated and paired using the hands free button correct?
2) Can you stream audio via Bluetooth on the stock setup or would I need to purchase a lockpick type device?
3) I can't remember for the life of me if my 2008 had an Ipod connection. Did these not come standard?

If I need an aftermarket adapter, is there a general consensus on which one works best and is the easiest to install?

Thanks everyone in advance.

05-08-13, 10:37 PM
1- I'm not sure what MY it came out, but you pair your phone and make/answer calls with what's also the mute button on the steering wheel. Tap to answer, long press to dial.

3- No ipod connection on 08. I've seen posts about using the RSE jacks to hook up an MP3 player but I don't know the details. But no aux connection at the radio.

Not sure how much that helps..I'm sure someone else will have more details for ya.

05-08-13, 11:45 PM
No audio streaming profile on any of the years. It only does bluetooth for phone calls, cant stream audio.