: Brougham d'Elegance '81, missing a few upholstery button tops + key for hubcaps

05-08-13, 03:40 PM
Having received good advice on multiple occasions, I once again turn to this forum. I have a 1981 Brougham d'Elegance that is already in good condition, but I'm of course striving to make it flawless.

My blue leather driver's seat is missing the top halves from a total of three buttons. The buttons themselves are sown on fine and show no sign of failing, but the tops have popped off: two during the previous owner (who had the car for 28 years) and one during my ownership.

So my question is: where could I find replacements? I've tried "the usual places" and have come up empty. I'm located in Finland, Northern Europe, but have no problem dealing with US sellers in general, unless they have a huge problem shipping internationally.

You can see the interior colour in this video I made about the car: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L91EbWg0x-E

And while at it, my hubcaps are missing the bespoke key to open the centre bolt. It is possible to unscrew it with pliers, but it is not an elegant - or d'Elegance, for that matter - solution. The few examples of this key I've seen on eBay have been priced out of this world and/or the sellers have had the above problem with shipping.

05-08-13, 05:21 PM
Very nice car. Damn near mint

For the hubcaps, I've got them off with pliers. I still think LIL is the best place for parts right now.

05-08-13, 07:21 PM
I might have the wheel cover lock wrench, can you post a pic of the configuration as there were several different ones available. If the bolt is not too tight you might be able to get it off with pliers. I also have spare parts for this year and engine if you need anything, as well as all the service manuals. If you have friends that want a 1981 D'Elegance 2 Dr. Coupe I am willing to sell mine now. Upholstery shops will have the buttons but will need a small bit of leather maybe from under the seat somewhere to cover the button again. Nice ride and happy motoring.

83 Fleetwood
05-09-13, 12:54 AM
Beautiful car! Who ever had it before you clearly took excellent care of it, hope you find the parts you need. May want to check eBay

Robin Banx
05-10-13, 11:19 PM
Stunning car. Thanks for the ride. I have two hubcap keys that I will give you along with other 81 Cad parts you may need. Note that I said give. Other Cad owners have given me small parts that I needed and I will respond in kind to you. Part of the logic here is that my basement looks like someone bombed a GM dealership and I am under wife's orders to clean house. Send me a pm note and I will reply.

05-10-13, 11:50 PM
What a gorgeous example of the pinnacle of the Cadillac styling. I always love to see those great Cadillacs in Europe. I am happy for you for finding and keeping such a beautiful car in such great condition.
Beautiful area you live in too. Reminds me very much of the parts of Wisconsin where I live. From just north of here and up to Canada you would feel right at home.
Thank you for sharing your video. Also thank you for sharing your Cadillac with your countrymen. I am sure it is quite a conversation starter at the petrol station!

cadillac kevin
05-11-13, 12:16 AM
If you can put up a picture of the wheel lock design, I may have one. I have 3 or 4 different lock keys.

05-12-13, 07:53 PM
I've had good luck getting the locking bolt off with a drift punch and a small hammer. Once off, I replace them with short "button" head allen bolts. Just carry a normal allen wrench in your car! Any auto trim shop can get the vinyl to match the other buttons and replace them. Or you could cut a piece of trim off from under the back seat cushion to provide the proper color material. To address the law regarding the headlights having to be on, even in daylight, rotate the twilight sentinel lever behind the headlight knob about 10 MM then place a dark piece of paper over the driver side dash speaker. That will cause the headlights to come on because the sentinel thinks it's dark outside! That way you never have to pull the headlight switch out ever again. And you wont forget to turn them off and end up with a weak/ dead battery!

Seville fan
05-13-13, 02:23 AM
Oh wow the guy from Finland! I was searching for Brougham videos on Youtube one day and found yours. Probably my favorite Brougham video there. Nice car and nice job presenting it. I showed it to a friend who wanted me to look up your location on a map, very close to Russia.