: Convert Analogue TV to Digital?

05-08-13, 07:24 AM

I'm new to the forum. I live in the UK and drive an '08 SRX which I love. It's full Euro spec which includes TV. My problem is the TV is analogue and locally the analogue signal has been switched off so we can only get digital.

I'd really like to convert / upgrade the unit to receive digital. Can anyone advise:

(i) what do I need to buy? ... and ...
(ii) how do I fit it?

The unit in the car is standard fit OEM Cadillac, not aftermarket, and I'm not bothered about in-motion picture as that's disabled anyway.

Look forward to hearing.


05-09-13, 04:00 AM
You do realize you cannot pick up signals while moving. To my best input you will need a aftermarket head unit. Pretty sure you need a converter for the antenna. The antenna is for analogue, when it was free to air analogue signals. I assume your looking for free to air BBC

05-09-13, 04:38 AM

Thanks - I don't mind not picking up a signal while I'm moving - stationary-only images are fine. Just looking for free-to-air channels. Ideally I'm looking for something that can be connected from behind my existing OEM unit so that the upgrade is "invisible". Aware I also need to do something about the antenna - I just don't know where to look and exactly what I need...

05-09-13, 11:24 AM