: 1975 Eldo spindle?

05-07-13, 11:12 AM
I knew it wouldn't be long before I was tapping brains here!

Anyone got a line on new/reman front spindles? It looks like the right side hub/spindle has been replaced and it's nice and snug. Can't say the same for the left side. The hubs seem to be plentiful, but I want to get the spindle while I'm in there. Tried a few local places with negative results.

Please don't tell me these things are made of that exotic metal; Unobtainium.

05-09-13, 02:28 PM
Welp, I found the answer to my own question. The spindles are indeed made from Unobtanium. Looks like I'll be rolling the dice on a used eBay offering, but what the hay... that's where I found the car anyway!