: Cadillac Corral May 18-19 at the Circuit of the Americas

05-07-13, 02:54 AM
Register at https://www.cadillacvseriesracing.com/ to order the package. Offer ends 5/11 and tickets/passes will be mailed to your home the week of the race.

http://i943.photobucket.com/albums/ad271/GizmoQ/CadillacForums/PirelliWorldChallengeattheCircuitoftheAmericasMay1 8-19_zps34a21bfe.jpg (http://s943.photobucket.com/user/GizmoQ/media/CadillacForums/PirelliWorldChallengeattheCircuitoftheAmericasMay1 8-19_zps34a21bfe.jpg.html)

Dr. Design
05-07-13, 04:17 PM
Hopefully there will be a waiting list, because they sold out. Good job TEXAS!

Dr. Design
D3 Cadillac