: 04 V radio reception

05-07-13, 02:23 AM
I remember seeing a thread about the radio antenna but I searched and couldn't find it.

Basically my radio reception sucks and sometimes it just cuts out for like a second or two. I am driving through downtown seattle and the reception is perfect in my 01 Honda Civic but is scratchy on my v. I know the antenna is on the rear window but is there anything that can be done? I don't wanna remove the stock nav just would be nice to have my channels work

05-07-13, 07:06 AM
See attached.

05-07-13, 01:39 PM
I had the same problem and the dealer ended up having to change out the xm module.

05-07-13, 03:46 PM
thanks for the links darkman, but I don't know where to start. I read the tsb about the rear window defogger, but it is all the time not just when the defog is on.

Odla what did you tell them when you brought it in?

05-07-13, 08:04 PM
Well it took a lot of visits. They of course couldn't get i to happen when they had it. Eventually i complained to gm about it and they gave the radio a extended warranty. The time they fixed it i had the service manager take it for a drive and it happened no problem. I also took video of it not working.

05-08-13, 01:17 AM
I would like to try a couple of things before I go pay the dealer 100 to look at it

05-09-13, 02:21 AM
Odla did the dealer give you any explanation why it would be the xm module when the fm channels are scratchy? Or how they found the xm module to be the problem? I found a xm module from an 07 V on ebay but not sure if it will fit my 04 or even help.

05-09-13, 09:38 AM
I've had this happen to mine recently...the FM channels go scratchy for a few minutes. I switch over to XM and everything is fine. Have no clue why though.

05-09-13, 01:23 PM
The dealer told me that they hooked up some kind of device that was able to measure signal strength. He kind of made it sound like it was very technical. All i know is that the am, fm and xm work fine after they changed the xm module. Wish i could be of more help.

05-09-13, 02:01 PM
you sure it wasn't the antenna module that is under the headliner by the rear dome light?

05-09-13, 09:37 PM
Yup because i got a 3 month free xm and i distinctly remember him saying that's what they changed. I have had the radio changed lots of times and never got the xm for free. Could be different on your car. Im just saying that's what they did on my 04.

05-09-13, 10:06 PM
Yea thanks I appreciate all the help I can get. I went to the dealer and spoke with a tech he said it could be that the antenna in the rear window has breaks in it, but that is just a guess like everything else. I'm thinking about ordering the antenna module off amazon and if that doesn't fix I will order a new xm module. I hate throwing parts at a problem but hate paying the dealer 100+ to tell me what I kinda already know...