: 71 Sedan heater core problem

Emerald Deville
05-06-13, 09:55 PM
Hi! I'm new to the forum with my 1971 Cypress Green Sedan DeVille. My Father in Law was owner 1 and put a mere 24K on the odometer. The attached pictures were before new rubber and detailing.

I am working to replace a leaking heater core but am having trouble finding all the fasteners for the heater case. Reading from the shop manual "Remove two screws and two nuts securing heater case to cowl and pull case away from cowl" I found the two nuts on the engine side of the cowl and one screw on the interior side near the bottom right of the case. So far I am stumped as to the location of the last screw. Has anybody done this job before? Should I be looking inside or under the hood? I am so close to and yet so far!

Thanks for looking at my post,

05-07-13, 06:52 PM
A couple of weeks ago I tried changing the heater core on my '76 Fleetwood, but I got stuck as to how to remove the heater case. It's quite a pain. I hope you figure some way to do it. For now, my heater core is bypassed until I have more time to fight with it. Good luck!

Emerald Deville
05-08-13, 11:10 PM
Success! All four of the heater case fasteners are nuts despite what the shop manual says. Two of the studs come through the cowl and the evaporator case. They must have forgotten to mention to that! They also don't tell you to remove the glove box or a couple of the instument panel supports. Removal of those items may not be required but they make the job easier. Now to find a worthy replacement.


By the way the screw I thought I found on the lower right of the case inside the car was actually a long bolt that appeared under the hood as one the studs going through the flange of the evaporator case.