: Bench test power antenna?

05-06-13, 01:37 PM
Hi all,
Anyone know how I would go about bench testing my antenna? It has 2 wires, I believe blue and black? (have to confirm when I get home). Electrical is all disassembled in the car and wanted to test before I installed it.

05-07-13, 11:18 AM
I am only guessing, but I would try connecting the negative side of your power supply or battery to the case (ground). Energize Red or Black to make it go up or down.


Now that I think about it, it depends on how it operates.
Is there a switch on the dashboard to raise and lower it? If so, use the method above.
If it raises up just by turning on the radio, then one wire carries power and the other gives the signal ("on" to raise, "off" to lower)