: DIY cheap HUD alternative for none HUD cars.

05-06-13, 12:50 AM
i really like the HUD on the premium packages and i would very much like to have it in my luxury package. unfortunately i dont. so i decided to make it. im sure any one of you that wants HUD as well will appreciate this DIY very much. and dont worry were not gonna mod the car at all. its way easy.

First, you will need a smart phone. preferably an Android. i am not sure if iphone has the apps that im going to address, but if it does, whoop-di-fkin-doo for iphone.
now, if youre awesome, you have an android, and this will work great. but there is a slight trade-off. depending on which phone you have, you will get better nighttime viewing vs daytime viewing..well...when i say daytime, youre probably not gonna see anything during the day anyway. the sun will wash everything out. the phone im using has an super AMOLED display. which means that whenever the phone wants to show black, it turns those pixles off. so the blacks are very true blacks. this is a benefit since you dont want a gray rectangle on your windshield.

next, you will need to get a few apps that are gonna work. unfortunately, these apps are not free. maybe you can find a free alternative here and there but i doubt it will work just as well. if it does, great. if not, then ur gonna have to spend some money...which shouldnt be a problem...this is after all a cadillac forum...not a civic/corolla/ poor ppl forum.

im using 2 apps in combination to achieve this.

app number one: TORQUE PRO. it has a free version but im not sure if it supports add ons.
app number two: RACING METER FOR TORQUE PRO. there is no free version of this that i know of.

now before you think its all in the apps, think again...next you will need to buy one of these babies. this is probably the best thing you can buy for yourself. it will work with any car after 1996 and its as good as those 300 dollar code readers. not only does it read all the codes, let you clear them, it also lets you view live information from your CPU. every possible thing you can think of starting from oil pressure to how many strips of bacon it takes to cut a carboard box in half can be displayed.


you can pick that up from within the app TORQUE PRO. or online. its a module that will connect to your phone via bluetooth and feed all that information to the app.

now that you have everything you need, your work is pretty much done. connect the module to your car like this:


turn bluetooth on for your phone and go to torque pro app. go to settings, figure out how to pair it with the device you just connected to your car (the code is 4567), do what you gotta do, get it working. now it should b completely connected. in torque pro press the icon called RACING METER. it will display various gauges and whatnot. you can completely modify which gauges you want, what color. its limitless. get whatever gauge or number you want to display on there. its confusing at first but youll get the hang of it if you mess around for a while. it takes time. the arrangement of the gauges is kind of annoying but once you get the hang of it, you only have to do it once. now on mine, i only put 2 gauges. one for RPM cuz the instrument cluster in the ATS looks like SHIT. and the RPM gauge is all the way to the side so i have NO idea when to shift gears when the wheel is turned at some angle, and the engine is as quiet as a prius when you have music playing even at low volumes. and turbo boost. just cuz its fun to look at.

now when you do this, your image looks great but it wont look so great as a reflection. luckly they thought of this. go to settings and check the box "Enable mirror screen for HUD".

BOOM. shove that shit on your dash. lucky for me i had a spare phone that i wasnt using. oppo finder. its extremely thin so its no problem of placement and it has an amoled display. i used the foam case from the box


when the phone is in that soft foam box, i just wedge that between my dash and windshield. the result is this (sorry it doesnt looks bright since i had the phone brightness turned down. it looks great in person, responds very precisely.)


now obviously there is now way of seeing that in daylight. but if you wanna see it in daylight, buy the premium trim...i wish i could.
luckly since i had this phone laying around, i just have it dedicated to the HUD. i have no other use for it. so it stays in the car with no sim card, data turned off to save battery (actually pretty much everything is turned off except for bluetooth).

Stevo Supremo
05-06-13, 08:56 AM
lol thats funny, well the simplest things work sometimes I guess, well done :)


Hoosier Daddy
05-06-13, 10:22 AM
Well it does alter the photons the inside of the windshield will be bombarded with.................

05-06-13, 10:57 AM
Pretty creative man!

05-09-13, 07:19 AM
I'm impressed. Very clever.

05-10-13, 03:00 PM
Real HUDs are visible out at the bumper for a good reason. So you can easily focus. The image is not on the windshield.

Nice try though.

Stevo Supremo
05-10-13, 03:57 PM
Real HUDs are visible out at the bumper for a good reason. So you can easily focus. The image is not on the windshield.

Nice try though.

Obviously, nobodies claiming its as good as the real thing, its just something clever you can do with that phone

05-11-13, 12:23 PM
Or a tablet...