: push button start

05-05-13, 08:00 PM
hey im new blah blah blah, i have a 1970 deville i just inherited, had no key, so i broke the plastic inside the lock cylinder screwing with it. gave me just the reason to use push button start. i figured id put one in a switch for accesories, one for run, then the button for start. i did get it to turn over before the plastic broke so im pretty hopeful. i have an alarm to put inline with probably the ground from all the switches to keep thing safe.....but now that i have the ingnition switch down from on top of the column, when i manually switch it all the power shuts off like theres an anit theft somewhere. i cant find an electrical diagram on this to save my life so im doing it all by volt meter and test light. any help would be greatly appreciated....id like to get it running before next weekend.

05-06-13, 08:01 AM
if you guys can lend some information on this i will post pictures and step by step intructions on how to wire in the relays and alarm so the key isnt needed any more if you guys need some inspiration lol