: isimple Gateway and SIRIUS SCC1 Universal Tuner

05-05-13, 06:29 PM
Does anyone have experience with connecting one of the various isimple gateways with a Sirius SCC1 Universal tuner using the 8 pin male to male iSimple ISSR11 ? Apparently the isimple gateways work well with the Sirius tuner and iphone together allowing non Navigation units to retain all functionality, steering wheel controls etc. I an thinking this beats the trip to the dealer and cost to reflash one of the used OEM Sirius tuners.

I have the PAC PGHGM1 Gateway Harness which is what works with our radios and the Sirius tuner SCCI, and the isimple PXAMG Gateway. Apparently you need a an additional $30 connector (iSimple ISSR11) to link the Sirius unit to the gateway. I will try it and if it works well I post installation instructions and pictures.