: Warranty almost up... Need your advice

05-05-13, 01:13 AM
Have a 2011 srx luxury pkg,. Getting close to 50k, can anyone imput issues I should check for being common issues, beneficial tsb information or must do type recallsor anything else that I should take a closer look at?
Thanks in advance

All I've had done so far is replace a head lamp that was allowing moisture in

05-06-13, 09:39 AM

05-06-13, 12:03 PM
Might be good idea to hand wash outside and clean inside real well while looking for fit and finish issues. Not much you can check mechanically. Dealer may check underneath for issues if you ask and maybe pay a small fee.

05-06-13, 08:47 PM
Ok thanks, I'm mechanically somewhat inclined so I can see the visible but having toyota a in the past there were good cosmetic tsb's that I wish I had done and other issues that were extremely common that I could've taken care of before my warranty experired

05-06-13, 09:03 PM

Search all tsbs here. You can click a section and then click the blank space above the section list to see all bulletins for the car. A common problem is the chrome triangle piece in front of the mirrors I believe.

05-08-13, 03:49 PM
Thanks. Yeah I just touch that triangle piece and noticed it was very loose

05-12-13, 09:07 PM
Ball Joints, pitman arm, and other front suspension joints that eventually go bad on any vehicle. Sure you can fix them yourselves with a lot of elbow grease but sometimes they go bad early and you don't notice it for quite some time. Get it up on a lift and have someone give them a good wiggle.