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05-03-13, 07:19 PM
Can anyone confirm that the windshield that comes with HUD is different than the standard? I noticed when in the sun it looks like it has a slight fog/smoke appearance and I want to see if this is normal based on the manufacturing process.

05-08-13, 08:24 AM
If it's like every other HUD windshield, it's different, it's polarized with film that allows the image to be projected on the windshield in a visable manner.

Now, what I will comment on, is that when i received my car(without an HUD) it did have some kind of residue or film from the factory that doesn't seem to want to come off with some window cleaner. I suspect some glass polish will need to take care of it. So it really depends on what you're talking about.

It shouldn't look splotchy, it should be very uniform but possibly like the UV inhibiting glass in the doors.

05-08-13, 01:42 PM
Thanks, It's very uniform so I'm assuming its the special film they use for the HUD relection.

05-10-13, 01:44 PM
FWIW, i had to wash my windows with isopropyl alcohol to get them crystal clear.
i'm not sure if that's something left over from the factory, or left behind by the "detailing" my dealership decided to do before handing it over to me.


05-10-13, 03:06 PM
The windshield is made of two sheets. There is a layer of protective vinyl in-between the two sheets to keep the glass from shattering. That vinyl layer is "adjusted" to eliminate a secondary ghost image.