: Cars and Coffee, Cleveland, 5/4/13 8:30-10:30

05-03-13, 03:13 PM
8:30-10:30 AM

Starbucks on Vista Way, Garfield Heights

It's the shopping center right off I-480 at Transportation Blvd., just east of the Valley View/"Union Workers Memorial" bridge.

Would love to see more Vs than just me there. Oh wait, I don't mind exclusivity. :)

05-04-13, 12:50 AM
I was born and raised in Lorain and if I still lived there I would definitely come and show off another 6MT Vagon, but alas, I'm stationed in Texas now. Maybe in a few years. Have fun!

05-14-14, 07:30 PM
It's back! First one was two weeks ago. Next one is this Saturday. Same time and place as in the first post. I'll be there in my V wagon for at least a little while, likely early.

Need more Vs, though I still don't mind representing for us alone. :)

05-14-14, 09:41 PM
I'll have to make a point to get up there this year. Cleveland is only a couple hours away.

If you're ever in the area, stop in to a Pittsburgh Cars N Coffee meet (www.pghcnc.com). There were 2 Vagons at the last meet and 3 total that show up. Hoping to get 3 together one of these days.

05-17-14, 05:34 PM
if you continue the invites, I will show up with my BD Coupe when I can. Actually, I have picked up grandsons near there, at Trinity High, a few times in the Coupe.
Weather can be a knockout - I use the Tundra on wet, or worse, days. The Couple is garaged all Winter.