: I am not able to post pictures to threads

05-03-13, 02:49 PM
When I try to post a picture to something I am writing for a thread everything goes as it has before ...... I chose the picture icon, it takes me to the source selector box, I make the source selection as I always have and it takes me to "my pictures" and I choose a picture, just as I always have ...... and then I hit "upload" and nothing happens!

I have tried to find a way to re-establish my route from picture icon to my computer's picture options but cannot seem to be able to get into where I need to be to reconfigure this routing.

Any suggestions on how I can correct this inability to post pictures?

05-03-13, 02:58 PM
^insert direct URL between those.

Like this..




I build my posts in my notes section on my iPhone first,and have those saved,copy a row of them,then start pasting links between,cut the entire post,then paste it...done.

05-03-13, 03:59 PM
Dang dude you have quite the fleet of GM small trucks! :thumbsup:

I dunno orconn, is the pic you are trying to link a valid icon?

05-03-13, 04:13 PM
I think you may have maxxed out limit you can upload

the way you are uploading images the server takes them from your computer and stores them

the forum software only allows you to upload so much until you get 'cut off'

uploading elsewhere, like imageshack or photobucket and using the other way to post images ("from URL" tab instead of the "from computer tab) to insert a direct link to an image will always work since you are not uploading to the server just adding a link to an image elsewhere...

sites like imageshack and photobucket won't have problems with you 'hotlinking' (that's kind of what they're for) but other sites often don't appreciate direct linking (aka hotlinking) so be careful
technically it causes more load fro their server to serve up that picture every time someone on this site views the thread that the image is posted to ... sometimes site administrators will remove the images breaking the links or replace the image with another not-so-friendly reminder that they don't appreciate the hotlink ...

05-03-13, 04:34 PM
Yep ^^^^ - We can only have 20 mb of images stored on the CF server. There should be a small message at the to of the Manage Attachments/Browse/Upload page which says something like "Your attachment blah blah is full". Get into your profile, attachments, and go back in time, first (old) attachment first, and start deleting those that have served their purpose.

Actually, if everyone cleaned out their CF server-stored attachments once in a while the entire site would be faster.

05-03-13, 04:48 PM
You are currently using 1.21 MB to store 19 uploaded attachments.

i uploaded one using tapatalk last month ... and a few in 2012 ... and a bunch in 2010 when i got Bianca and posted my photo albums of her

but the other 99% of the photos that I post are hosted on imageshack