: Foot well light bulb wattage (OEM) ?

05-02-13, 09:58 PM
Noticed the foot well light (the incandescent one, NOT the ambient lighting LED) on the drivers side had burned out tonight. Luckily I had a pack with one new 168 bulb left in it, so I replaced it, but noticed it's * noticeably* dimmer than the passenger side light. The OCD in me is NEVER gonna put up with this! :D

So does anyone know what the original bulb's wattage was? I looked on the old bulb and couldn't find anything. The new bulb says 4.9 watts.

Thanks in advance!

05-03-13, 12:32 AM
On my 2011 SRX, I replaced all interior lamps with LEDs but stored the OEM lamps. Checking them, I have seven incandescent bulbs all similar. This would be three in cargo, two above rear doors, two in foot wells. The only marking I see: "Toshiba 12V 8W".

05-03-13, 07:12 AM
thank you very much for that info! This would explain why the original bulb is so much brighter (3 more watts)....now I just have to figure out who sells them.


looks like the gm part number is 13500832

just wish i could find an equivalent without visiting the dealership

05-03-13, 01:42 PM
I pasted the GM part number you provided in Google and many sources appeared. You may want to try that. Just paste the part number in Google, nothing else. Good luck!

05-20-13, 09:55 PM
OK, I finally used that GM part number (13500832), and broke down and ordered a couple bulbs off eBay. I con confirm that GM part #13500832 does get you the original Toshiba 8 watt bulbs, and it matches the brightness of the other factory installed bulbs perfect.

I have yet to find another source (besides a GM part numbered bulb) that sells anything comparable. I realize that I may be in the minority not swapping everything out for LED, but I'd rather keep the stock bulbs and not deal with the cost and time of upgrading to LED (plus I've never had good luck on bulb life with LED replacements).

For reference the OEM bulb says: