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Shark city V
05-02-13, 07:59 PM
I bought my '05 cts v about 6 months ago. Car is stock with the exception of an ls7 clutch, exhaust, and short shifter ( not sure what brand). Bought it as a commuter/beater as I cannot drive a non lsx car lol. Car is a perfect example of what proper maintenance can accomplish. I bought it with 183k miles for 6500 bucks. I have 213k on it now. Car is in great shape. Anyways , only problem has been the sloppy shifter. I wish I would of found this forum sooner. I didn't see someone had already attempted this awhile back. Would of bought the shifter a long time ago. I didn't weld or permanently modify in case I didn't like it or it didn't work out. I found a piece of steel that fit perfect in the shifter cup and only needed to be filed down a bit on the inside to allow the shifter to slide in. It's too bad I was in a hurry. I took only a few shitty pics. The shifter is great. No more struggling to get it in reverse or worrying if its going to pop out of gear because its not all the way In. The car still has the stock shifter base bushings. Overall I'm surprised of the difference it made. My old shifter had me guessing what gear I was shifting in.

05-03-13, 10:24 PM
Very nice. Maybe this will get me motivated to go install that same shifter that has been sitting in a box in my garage for the last year... How does the trow compare to the other short shifter you had?

Shark city V
05-05-13, 05:50 PM
Honestly, I believe it is a uuc shifter. I looked online and compared the pictures. I never felt how short the shifter throws were with good bushings. So it wouldnt be fair to say ones better than the other. But The hurst shifter has fairly short throws. The hurst shifter length is shorter. Probably adds to the feel of shorter throws also. I paid 175 shipped to my door. Couldn't say no to that.