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05-02-13, 02:35 PM
wanted to share some things ive learned to help any who try this in the future:
ripping apart the dash is not difficult I don't think I need to explain to anyone how to do that. however there were some things I would find handy if this were my first rodeo:

purchased vcim part # 20827036 this was an easy swap and the first thing before putting everything back together in reverse order.

I found this link handy, especially step 5a: 5a. (edited) Also on here, I found that if you're having a problem with the speech recognition (getting the error voice message "no speech detected"), you can hit the button with the phone symbol on the mirror, hit mute (on the steering wheel) TWICE, and it will skip having to say "Un-Star"... you'll be able to say "bluetooth" and proceed with the pairing.
I connected the blue&purple wires back to the vcim in the color-coded spot and the antennae was the one in the middle below both of them. it works perfectly the dash says "Bluetooth" a few seconds after startup and the phone pairs, it displays the incoming number on inbound calls and says "call" on outbound. ive found the onstar menus (dial pad, addresses, etc) all flash repeatedly but I think this may be because I ripped the Motorola unit out. regardless the Bluetooth works fine.

the lockpick was not a difficult install either, however tucking it away was somewhat challenging. it did not want to fit behind the audio or hvac controls so I ran the wiring harness down behind the metal brackets in the dash and to the area below the cup holder. with the exisiting bose sub wire harnesses unclipped and tucked below, the plastic mounting bracket for them cut off, and the speaker wire to rca converter also tucked under, I was able to put the lockpick just below the cup holders. I sealed the cup holders so if I spilled anything it would not drip onto the lockpick. this also made it easy to run the RCA out to the rear tv right between the drivers seat and center console. as well as running the ipod connector into the center console by drilling a small hole. makes for an easy connect/disconnect of the ipod if need be.

found this link very useful in adding a subwoofer amp

the part I had most trouble with was running a 4 gauge wire to the rear, this was the best I could find in coming down the fender and into the cabin via the door joint/boot - yuck

had a second battery installed at the dealership since the amp draws ~1500-2000 watts, also made it super easy to hook up the amp on the drivers side without all the fuses in the way

the box is from car audio factory, fitment was pretty good and install was moderate with 2 people. getting the box to sit back far enough that it sealed was the biggest challenge. when I say pretty good I mean 3 of the 4 pre-drilled holes lined up, one was off but I did not find it to impair the strength of the mounting bracket. the weather seal on my 7year old truck perhaps may be the culprit but the seal is not tight against the box. so some silicone was needed to patch up tiny gaps. the box sits far enough from the rear seat that there is plenty of clearance and it does not rattle at all. I don't see that I lost THAT much bed cargo space but for those of you that fold down the midgate for large items obviously this would not work. the instructions on the website have the little flap that folds down on the midgate still installed with the sub box. it seemed to me that if water were to get in there it would puddle in the V and become trapped, so I removed this entirely.

the amp mounts nicely between the seats and I did not even have to fasten it down it does not move. wired both subs (kicker l7 dual voice coil in series @ 2ohm, amp at 2ohm load and it thumps loud)

its not the cleanest install but when the seats are up the only wires that show are the RCA & remote wire going to the center console, which I will wrap in beige electrical tape and that will be good enough for me. :D

05-02-13, 05:34 PM


GREAT post with a lot of valuable information!


Do you think the vcim from a 2010 Camaro work with a Escalade?

05-03-13, 03:12 AM


GREAT post with a lot of valuable information!


Do you think the vcim from a 2010 Camaro work with a Escalade?

i installed a vcim from a 2010 camaro p/n 20842731 and i have NOT been able to get it to work. when i press the voice button, and say "un star" it replies with "onstar call" then turns off. :(

05-03-13, 08:33 PM
Nice set up. I want to add some subs too but with the jl audio stealth box. Overall very nice set up

05-15-13, 03:05 PM
update - got caught in the rain for the first time, the box did leak water into the cabin. I've now taken some silicone around the entire edge of it to create a seal.
the lockpick seems to make my ipod super loud (it does not allow for the volume to be controlled at the ipod, it puts it to max volume. and my tweeters crackle on 50% of songs (all purchased through iTunes not crappy free dl) granted it is a 1st gen 80gb ipod. I will try to get my ipod 4th gen hooked up soon as I want to try the video out as well.

11-20-13, 08:49 PM
i installed a vcim from a 2010 camaro p/n 20842731 and i have NOT been able to get it to work. when i press the voice button, and say "un star" it replies with "onstar call" then turns off. :(

Did you ever get the Bluetooth working?