: 70 deville radiator fan clutch

05-02-13, 02:17 PM
Just looking over my 70 Deville I recently purchased and noticed there is a fan spacer installed instead of a clutch fan. Is this normal or should it have the clutch fan?

05-03-13, 03:33 AM
I'm pretty sure 70s came with a solid fan as you describe and no fan clutch.

05-10-13, 05:40 PM
Thank You.

05-13-13, 10:25 AM
There is no fan clutch on the '70. Mine does not have one and the factory service manual confirms this.

05-13-13, 11:38 AM
Does anyone know why they changed to no clutch? was it a clearance issue due to no air pump? And does the 70 use a different thermostat (than 69 w/ clutch fan) because fan runs from start when cold without clutch? I'm converting my 69 setup to remove the air pump and didn't know if there was an advantage from one to the other and if it was even an option to keep my clutch fan with 70 pulley setup?