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05-02-13, 01:18 PM
Being that this is my first post here on this forum forgive me if I missed this result in my search.

I have been driving my '11 Coupe for quite some time now with great satisfaction. Just recently I have decided to install mods. My very first mod was of course the Airaid intake due to the countless reviews listed here and on the cadillacowners forum. Got to say that the sound is unreal but I couldn't help but feel the car just did not feel right cruising on the freeway. It seemed like the car would be struggling anywhere past 100. It definitely did feel as if the car lost all excitement past 120.

On the contrary however the throttle response and lower end power did feel very responsive and I did feel a dramatic improvement over stock.

Since my install of the Airaid I have followed the instructions and suggestions of this forum to disconnect the negative terminal and reset the cars computer about three times. Still felt sluggish at high speeds.

Last weekend I decided to install the stock system and right away I did feel a difference on higher speeds. 100-120-140 in what seemed to be much quicker that it would with the Airaid system installed. I was without a doubt convinced that the completely closed system with air funnelling in through the scoop was better for higher speeds.

Since then I have studied the stock system and am in search for a different type of intake system. I am looking for an intake system similar to what is currently available on most sport bikes where the closed intake box is funnelling air directly from the outside environment. I feel that at higher speeds the air being "forced" into the channel - intake box - then into internals would be greater than the throttle body doing all of the work. I am by no means a skilled mechanic nor an engineer however I feel that the vacuum generated by the throttle body is just not enough for the car to get enough air into the fuel mixture at high speeds.

What I am in search for is either an air scoop or snorkel that connects to the stock intake box that leads to an opening in the front of the vehicle or a completely new intake system with a closed intake box with tubing leading to the front. Possibly even a "shared" channel that connects the piping that cools the brakes, directly to the opening of the stock intake box.

Anyone on this forum with insight into this would be greatly appreciated.

05-04-13, 07:45 AM
Sorry. I know of none that fit your requirements. Some people have fabricated custom tubing to do what you want but I don't know of any kits sold. I'm surprised by your Airraid issues. I don't think I've read any posts like yours and I'm running the system and love it. I can't help but wonder if maybe there was something else causing the issues with your install. Was the tube properly seated on the throttle body and then to the unit without gaps? What about that grounding mount? Was that properly installed? Did you throw any codes? Just trying to troubleshoot it because for the most part buyers are satisfied with it.

05-04-13, 08:42 AM
I get ram air to my D3 through the grille and from the brake duct which I modified. I don't have any tubing in the fender leading from the duct to the air box but I also don't see it being difficult to whip up. Apparently D3 have a dual-stage air intake but I have the stage 1 and I couldn't find any info about a stage 2 (if it even exists). maybe that's what you're looking for. I asked that question to them a long time ago but didn't hear back. I figured it was non-existent but some of the stage kits on their site show a stage 2 air intake included. Maybe an extra oem brake duct stuck into place?