: Front bumper removal (HID)

05-02-13, 10:47 AM
I am going to attempt to install my HID's on this nice sunny day and was wondering if anybody had a wright up or a guide on removing the front bumper to install the HID's?

05-02-13, 06:03 PM
Anyone? FYI i have tried using the search function but found nothing on removal procedure.

05-02-13, 07:53 PM
Use your favorite search engine in a format like:

cadillac forums sts bumper removal

05-02-13, 07:55 PM
Anyone? FYI i have tried using the search function but found nothing on removal procedure.

I only have to loosen the wheel wheel liners, unplug fog/turn signal and front amber lights, remove 1 nut on each side of the bumper by the fender, slide bumper over foward(at this point it's held on by a keyhole slot), unplug headlights, remove headlight housings, replace bulbs, add ballasts and put it all back together...some tips that I have are unplug your peanut bulbs(they will not match your HIDS) unless you have matching LEDs to go back in and I was able to fit my ballasts inside of my housings which mean I didn't have to drill them

05-03-13, 03:10 PM
Just my luck, one of the kits don't work.....Amazing!!!


I swapped the ballast around and now both headlights work, i also installed 194 led bulbs as recommended above by DarkMingBlueSTS. I gotta tell you this is bar far the most time consuming HID install i have ever attempted and i have done quite a few including a 2008 infinity G37S. A few of my plastic clips were broken so i will have to stop by the dealer later this weekend and pick up some new clips. I also managed to brake one of two rusty bolts that hold the front bumper to the fender. For future members i have posted a link below that should help make this install easier.