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05-02-13, 09:46 AM
My V was out in a hailstorm a month ago and got a bunch of dings in the window trim. Insurance cut me a big check to get it all replaced, along with fixing some paint scrapes on the front bumper. I was thinking about buying the trim parts myself and installing them, so I can spend the money I save on fixing some more issues with the front bumper. (I can do a lot of repairs on my car, but paint is definitely not my thing.)

Does anyone have any experience doing this? I did some searching but I only found threads where people wanted to paint their chrome window trim black, and were typically advised to just use tape instead of going through the trouble. I've been digging through my giant service manual and it does look like it's a hassle. If you follow their instructions you basically have to tear the whole door down to the sheet metal to get the trim out. I don't know if this is another case of the service manual advising a way to do it that's totally overkill though, since I've run into that before.

I think the parts that are dented are called the upper auxiliary weatherstrip. On my '06 V it's a piece of black metal that runs around the upper edge of the window frame. On my insurance quote they called it "window frame w/strip" for the front and quoted it at $100 side, and "upr door glass weatherstrip" for the rear and quoted that at $300 per side.

Anyone ever tried this and have any advice? I'm also open to the "don't try it" advice, it's certainly possible where this is one of those ones where you want to let the body shop deal with the mistake of screwing up and kinking a $300 trim piece.

05-02-13, 11:28 PM
I had the body shop do mine after all four were damaged. Shortly afterward, there was more hail and the new ones got dented, too! I've never had this happen on a car before. It must be very soft aluminum!

05-04-13, 11:54 AM
Well, I took the estimate from the insurance company to my usual body shop and they offered to throw in the extra paint work for free. So, never mind, I'm just gonna let the professionals handle it!