: Fuse Question and............

05-01-13, 09:19 PM
I have a escalade esv 2008, had it about 1.5 years and just realized something. Is it supppsed to be a vanity light for the ashtray???
When I bought the truck the front cigarette lighter and the windshield fluid heater button did not work,(was told it was a fuse.....but did not know which one , so never bothered to replace it. Any help on which onr to change would be appreciated......AND.......Just had installed shocks - springs - control arms and brake pads and calipers for both front left and right and I am hearing a sqeaking noise from the front drivers side that is very irritating, Its not a constant noise, but when u hit a bump or accelerate at any speed and the front lifts up a bit theres that squeak.Took it to MIDAS and they couldnt find the problem, but heard the noise...Avoiding the dealer for now, because Im thinking STRUT OR SPRING--------any suggestions

05-01-13, 09:41 PM
The heated washer fluid was probably disabled. IIRC it was a recall. Just checked my manual, the cigarette lighter fuse is #53 in the fuse block under the hood.

05-02-13, 01:41 PM
THANKS A LOT, will take of it ASAP

05-02-13, 01:47 PM
Sounds like your front struts need to be replaced. I have an 07' with 125k miles and I hear a squeeking noise everytime I go over a little bump or turn the wheel, my local mechanic told me one of the front struts was leaking and they needed to be replaced.

05-02-13, 03:28 PM
I just had them replaced..... could it be the strut is defective??????? Had it looked at today , and do you know that the noise dissappeared the whole time the me and the mechanic was in the car, so he put some lube on what he thought the noise would be and low and behold as soon as i got off the freeway there it was again... he actually thinks Im imagining the noise

05-02-13, 04:45 PM
Oh I have no idea then. Sounds like it's haunted.