: Pacesetter headers ????

05-01-13, 03:43 PM
Ok so I just placed my order for pacesetter headers and I also got the off road extensions. This is connecting to straight pipes. First do you really need the extensions or better yet do the pacesetters come down to same spot the headers and cats come to? Also will I need to buy O2 extensions.

Someone with experience on the install would be nice

2006 cts v


05-01-13, 05:51 PM

05-02-13, 01:37 AM
Installing pacesetters will delete the cats. So, no rear O2 sensors are needed. You can get high flow cats welded inline, which is how I went, and they will need to weld in a bung for the O2 if you want to go that route or just have them tuned out.

05-02-13, 05:01 AM
Ok cool that's the answer I needed. Thank you very much. I guess I will have to get a new spot for my wideband