: 2007 Escalade ESV Bluetooth Help

05-01-13, 02:32 PM
Hi everyone,

Just got my 2007 ESV and loving it and the contribution to my local gas station :)

I realized that the car does not have Bluetooth? I guess that started with later models..

Anyways, I see some threads about replacing a VCIM??

Does anyone have any links to where I can get one and also a step by step on how to install?

After the install will I be able to connect my phone and play iTunes via Bluetooth or will this be only for phone?

Thanks so much for the help!

05-01-13, 02:42 PM
If you install a new VCIM you will gain Bluetooth functionality, and if you purchase a VCIM with version 9.3 software, then you also get OnStar RemoteLink (if you subscribe) where you can start the car from anywhere with your phone as well as other things. Installing the new VCIM is pretty easy, you just remove the wood trim near the radio (cupholder area, radio surround, and long passenger side AC vent) and they just pop out, held in by clips. Then you unbolt the radio, remove it, and the VCIM is under where the radio sits.

You will not, however, be able to stream audio via Bluetooth to your car's radio. For that you would need an aftermarket Bluetooth unit. If you want to play your phone's music through the car's stereo, I suggest an iSimple module which adds factory-like iPhone connection to the radio for audio playback as well as charging. You can even operate it through the steering wheel controls. For a factory setup of this, you could upgrade the radio in your truck to a 2010+ unit with the USB integration.

05-01-13, 06:26 PM
anyone know the cost of a 2010 factory setup?

05-01-13, 06:37 PM
are you sitting down?


I'd love to use my touch through the factory NAV but there are almost always an issue with those adapters...either they are very expensive or they are quirky and don't work right. I had one in my 05 and it was more trouble than good.

Things might have changed by now but i bet you have to jump through hoops and pay out your arse to get a good adapter to play itunes/MP3 through the factory NAV.

05-01-13, 09:58 PM
just installed a vcim i found on eBay for $300 easy swap easy sync works perfectly for calls. audio i pit in a lockpick and can control the ipod via touch screen imo easy as btooth & charges while playing. never really understood why youd need/want to start your car with the app when youd be out of sight of the car (assuming your keys remote start is out if range)

05-01-13, 10:13 PM
what lockpik and how was the install?

05-02-13, 11:12 AM

Thanks for the info.
I think your advise is accurate re: VCIM and I looked into isimple or USA spec for the music part.

The VCIM unit is behind the radio but if was to only install the isimple or USA spec, where would it go and where would the connector line come out off? Center Console?

Factory setup upgrade way too much $$.


05-02-13, 11:27 AM
I have XM, is this located through the glove box in my 07? isimple or usa spec better?


does this mean I lose my XM?

05-02-13, 02:03 PM
gmx550 install was easy - I placed it below the cup holder. it would not seem to fit anywhere else behind the radio/climate controls. so I ran the wire harness down behind all the metal brackets to make more room, and I taped up the holes in my cup holder so that if I were to spill a drink it would not go down onto the lockpick. drilled a hole in the center console and fished the ipod cable up through, so it is all hidden and I can easily get to my ipod if I want to disconnect for sync