: Intermittent problems starting my car

04-30-13, 10:14 PM
First off, I know there are a lot of these same post that I have read, so please don't hate that Im asking the same thing over and over but I believe each problems can have different solutions, I unfortunately haven't find mine yet. I have a 07 CTSV maggie supercharger, cammed, and tuned of course, which was done from the previous owner. Please let me know if I need any other info on the car that would be helpful. My car will not start, you can hear the fuel pump turn on, it cranks but will not turn over. A few times of trying it will half way turn over and die. I haven't had the chance on push starting or jumping it when it happens. When I do try it sometimes its like the ignition switch sticks and keeps cranking.When I bought it, it happened a few times within 7 months then it was doing it more frequently. The steps I have taken are replacing the starter and the connect which I ended up letting GM do it since the headers make it a pain, I replaced the clutch switch, and I have checked the grounds that most people on here say fixed their issues. Usually I can allow 15 - 30 min and not sure if it helps but wiggle connectors and make sure fuses and relays are in tight. Everytime I have the battery checked they say its good but once before the starter was replaced they saw a bad cell, Im just wondering if there is a bad cell in it. usually my voltage is around 12.2 when this happens and once it cranks its around 13.5. usually my battery is around 14 when everything is good. I know I've through a lot out there but any advice would be greatly appreciated.

04-30-13, 10:32 PM
Sounds like it might be the magnavolt. I think that's what it is called. I only gess that from other post I've seen that had your type of setup.

04-30-13, 10:33 PM
When you say the engine "cranks but will not turn over" do you mean the motor is spinning but will not start, or do you mean the starter is literally not spinning the motor? (I use the terms "crank" and "turn over" as being one and the same thing.)

04-30-13, 11:01 PM
Thanks odia, I will look for some info on that.
Darkman - Most of the time when I first try it, it turns over a little bit and dies like it is starting normally. even if I give it a little gas it doesnt help. After that, I turn the key and it sounds like I believe it is just not turning the motor. It really isnt a clicking noise like a dead battery. Sorry having a problem describing the noise exactly.

05-01-13, 12:36 PM
Sounds like magna volt. I had same problem. Car would randomly just not start. Especially when it was warm. replaced with newer style boost a pump and have no problems now. When mine acted up, I would raise the hood and whack the magna volt a couple time and it would start right up. You can trouble shoot by taking the heavy gray wire that goes in to the magna volt from the fuel pump, disconnect it from the magna volt and connect the 2 ends together. Essentially by passing the magna volt. If the car starts and runs ok your magna volt is either on the way out or the grounds need to be checked. I go tired of messing with mine and just orded the new style boost a pump from magnuson.....350 bucks later all is good.

05-01-13, 12:52 PM
Thank you kjr6306 for your response.


Do you have the name and model of the newer style boost a pump you went with?

05-01-13, 01:56 PM
Dont have the name or model. Was told by sales guy at magnuson that it was made by same people that make kenne belle boost a pumps. I tried to find one for days on the internet but could not find one anywhere. Bout killed me to have to pay magnuson 350 for 150 dollar boost a pump. I already have gone through 2 magna volts. Magnuson should be ashamed for selling that junk and not standing by there product when so many people have had problems and they know the product they sold was junk.

Forgot to mention if you do bypass your magna volt, do no get in to the boost as it could make you run lean due to the lower fuel flow.