: A tough one to solve, power folding mirror and courtesy lights

04-30-13, 09:47 PM

On a 07 DTS Performance the right power folding mirror has stopped working. Everything else directional wise is working however its just bugging me that I cant fold both my mirrors via the switch. I also noticed the courtesy lamp at the bottom of the door as well as the lights that indicate the heat or cooled seat are not working. I have removed panel in search of the door module and to my surprise it looks like is located right under the rh door lock and window switches. I tested voltage going in and everything checks out. The RH door switches work as they should, I still get the heat or cool but just no lights and no power folding mirror.

Before I jump in and purchase the module or switch assembly that seems to route all the commands going to the door I wanted to see if anyone has had this problem. Any advice as always is appreciated.

04-30-13, 11:31 PM
Circuit/System Testing
1. Ignition OFF, disconnect the harness connector C1 at the outside rearview mirror.
2. Install a test lamp between the control circuit terminal 7 and the control circuit terminal 8.
3. Ignition ON, commanded the mirrors to extend and retract using the power folding switch. The test lamp turn ON and OFF when changing between the commanded states.
o If the test lamp is always ON, test both control circuits for a short to voltage. If the circuit tests normal, replace the appropriate door switch.
o If the test lamp is always OFF, test both control circuits for a short to ground or an open/high resistance. If the circuit tests normal, replace the appropriate door switch.
4. If all circuits test normal, test or replace the outside rearview mirror motor.

Component Testing
1. Ignition OFF, disconnect the harness connector C1 at the outside rearview mirror.
2. Test for 68 ohms of resistance between the control terminal 7 and the control terminal 8.
o If not within the specified range, replace the outside rearview mirror motor.

Heated/Cooled Seat Switch Indicator Malfunction

The door module applies voltage through the appropriate indicator control circuits to the heated seat switch illuminating the appropriate indicators.

You could swap the drivers switch to the passenger side to see if it lights up

05-01-13, 12:04 AM
When my 06 did this, disconnecting the battery and ground for a couple minutes restored everything to normal.


05-10-13, 04:52 PM
@ Danog thanks for your explanation have had a very busy month so far at work leaving me with little to no time to get out there and do this. I will however get on this tomorrow and check this further. Thanks for your help.

@Asgard726 you know i've heard that from so many people, I wished it worked on mine though

08-01-13, 06:39 PM

Still havent been able to get in there do the test you recommended. LOL but I did lose the directional adjustment of the mirror (up, down,left, right) there is no cool or heat seat function in both front seats. Im beginning to wonder if it could be more than just the door module. Basically all I can do now is raise and lower the right window and lock/unlock door. My drivers side is all intact with the exception of the cool/heated seats. Could a bad software glitch or module on the right door knock out something in the drivers door? See schematic of the passengers door module with power folding mirrors.131986

01-19-14, 10:20 AM
This is an old post of an issue I haven't been able to get around. Currently the heated/cooled seats on both sides have stopped working. My right front passenger door lights do not light up and folding mirror does not work. I have taken this apart applied voltage to the servo motor of the mirror and it works. Somehow its not getting the signal to fold neither are the lights to light up. Now the heated and cooled indicator lights work but nothing is coming out of the seats. The car is equipped with the lumbar massage and that does work on both sides. This after sometime has driven me crazy. I have checked all the fuses, harnesses have done complete pin out tests at the door module yet nothing is coming up to point me in the right direction. I commend anyone that can give me some advice as to where to look next. I have an all data subscription which helps me find almost everything I just need to know what controls these outputs.

01-19-14, 10:33 AM