View Full Version : 2011 SRX Liftgate

04-30-13, 01:10 PM
I run a body shop in southern IN. A customer brought in his 2011 SRX for a color change. After disassembly of the vehicle, a repaint and reassembling vehicle, we cannot get the liftgate to operate as normal. It will try to open from the locked position, but gate will only travel about 6"to 8" before it comes back down and tries again. this will try two or three times before it quits. Nearly the same thing happens when trying to close from the up or open position. Is it possible that because we disassembled said vehicle, that we need to get the dealership to relearn the liftgate program?

04-30-13, 04:03 PM
Yes. Not only is it possible, but probable. There are computer modules throughout the car that control a multitude of functions. I should know. I've had more reprogrammed, updated, etc. than I could ever count.


04-30-13, 05:09 PM
Thank you. I didn't feel we had done anything wrong, but you never know.

04-30-13, 07:11 PM
My liftgate "fell asleep", and had to be "woke up" by the dealership.