: Secondary lockout lever

04-30-13, 10:21 AM
Hi guys

I have a problem with my carburetor on my 1980 - FLEETWOOD 368 CU.
When i buy my car, she have some problem, because she run fast any time :):):). I think it's the carburetor. I buy a new carburetor (remanufactured) and put it on my car. I have the same problem. The engine start well and good, but run fast. I think it was the oil switch pressure (for the electric choke) and i change the oil switch. Same problem....... Last week, i turn on my car and look in the engine, he run well and slowly. I push the accelerator and he run fast, but when i loose the accelerator, the engine run fast again. I look the carburetor and i see the secondary lockout lever (left face of the carburetor). This lockout lever is up and the engine run fast...... when i push the lockout level with my finger, the engine run slowly and very well !!!!! Why ? I look on my old carburator that is the problem, but i can no find.
Do you know what happen ?
On this car the pressure oil switch have TWO plugs, but the plug have three hole. Is it normal ?? On this car, is it a two or a three plugs on the pressure oil switch ??
Thank for your help and sorry for my english :( :( :(


04-30-13, 10:52 AM
I thought the secondaries are supposed to open only when at full (or nearly full) throttle. Maybe the throttle cable needs to be adjusted or the linkage is hanging up on something.

04-30-13, 11:25 AM
Hi Outsider,
thank for your answers. I look the throttle cable and it's OK. When i turn on the engine, the throttle is blocked in slow position. If i push the throttle, he stay in médium position and the engine run fast. I push a small part near the secondary throttle (left) behing the choke, and the throttle go on the first position and the engine run slowly. Why this small part blocked the throttle in medium position ? To drive my car, i blocked this small part with a small cord, and it's ok, the engine run slowly when i stop on a red light ! Before, when i stop on a red light and if i put the gear on "park", the engine run fast. When i put the gearbox on "DRIVE" the car jump hard :( : (: (

04-30-13, 12:08 PM
I believe that small part is a vacuum brake. You may need to replace that or check the lines going to it. Is there a vacuum line going into it?

I don't recall if the secondaries are controlled by the vacuum brake or not, sorry.

The Ape Man
04-30-13, 01:42 PM
This may help identify some terms.