: GAH!!!! I have to do my headlight sealing over

04-30-13, 09:35 AM
I was rather miffed at how much needs to be removed to get to the headlight assemblies, but at least the next time, it'll seem pretty easy. On the upside, the rear struts were a breeze, though I did manage a carpet burn about the size of a nickel on one elbow while flopping around in the two dead-hooker-sized trunk.

The passenger's side headlight was leaking, not horribly, but noticeably. The driver's though, solid.

Put LED's in the front corner markers and the headlight 'city light' locations, sealed what I thought was everywhere water could get in, and now BOTH of them have moisture in them.


While I had the nose off the car, I had the headlights open to warm, dry air for a day, in an enclosed garage, then took the garage hair dryer to them for about 3-4 minutes, each.

Looks like I get to do it over.

At least I'll have more of an impetus to put four 70's Fleetwood horns where the OEM ones are. Oh, and the reason the alarm horn 'chirp' sounds different is there is a horn dedicated to just that function, the 'chirp'. It's a small Wolo mounted on the radiator bracket.

I'd love to have these Fleetwood horns pointing out of the lower grille, but the power steering cooler isn't easily relocated, and I'm not about to try and drill into the surprisingly thick aluminium bumper.