: For those looking for a new set of OEM wheels...

04-30-13, 01:25 AM
You may want to contact Detroit Tire & Wheel. I found an Ebay ad for them on a hot rod classified site, and promptly called them. The price was $685 for all 4 (2 - 18" and 2 - 19"). These are all new, in box, Hypersilver wheels. He bought about 10 sets of these as GM overstocks. I think he had 9 sets left when I bought mine. I couldn't pass it up for the price, but figured I wouldn't say anything until I physically had mine... :D

19" #1;

19" #1 again;

19" #2;

18" #1;

18" #2;

04-30-13, 01:02 PM
Question.. for spare tire purposes in case of a flat on a long trip.. would the 18's be ok temporarily on the back if lets say a back tire blew out? Would the 19's be ok in the front? I've recently been thinking of buying another rim for spare purposes. Thanks.

04-30-13, 01:12 PM
18's would fit all around in such a case. 19's won't fit up front. They would phyisically bolt up, but you wouldn't be able to turn.

04-30-13, 01:14 PM
Thanks. I'll get an 18 then.

04-30-13, 01:53 PM
How much was shipping?

04-30-13, 03:24 PM

04-30-13, 04:25 PM
Damn, thats CHEAP. I have about 900 total in my spare set. Then i scored a pair of rears for $150 shipped on ebay one late night, I feel like a freaking hoarder with 10 wheels for the damn car

04-30-13, 04:59 PM
Hey just called them up. They say $885 plus shipping. Was the $685 a typo? I said $685 and he said no way that's below our cost.

04-30-13, 08:57 PM
If you can confirm the cost I may order; previous owner's gf gave my wheels some hideous rash.

04-30-13, 11:53 PM
The front and rears are 2 different rolling diameters aren't they? I don't think you can switch between the two, will cause traction control madness.

05-01-13, 11:50 AM
I paid $685 plus the shipping. Joe Volpe is who I did business with. The issue may be that they no longer have any of the sets that they were pricing at $685. I don't know... Either way $885 is still a steal. GM wants just under $600 for ONE rear wheel!

Here is my email with him from when he sent me the CC authrorization form;

Ignore the part where it asks for invoice #, you can fax back to 248.543.3589 attn. JOE

Or you can email them back to me

$685 for CTS STS V wheels plus $135 Shipping

Joseph W. Volpe

US Wheel, Inc.

d/b/a “Detroit Wheel & Tire”

1027 East 14 Mile Road

Troy, MI 48083-4527



248.545.8862 (Main)

248.556-4071 (Direct)

We also had an text exchange where I was grilling him on the price and what was wrong with them to be priced so low and confirmed with him that they were the staggered size wheels.


Ok, went out to where I found them and this is the ad I had that was $685. It is now $885.


Again, I think they ran out of the $685 priced units, or have realized since selling me my set, that they could ask more. I don't know. Either way, $885 is still a steal. As I said, GM wants about $600 for the rears, and around $500 for the fronts (if I recall... I'm also rounding, so not an exact price). That would be $1,000 for two fronts and $1,200 for two rears, or $2,200 in total. So $885 is ~60% off GM's price. Neither price includes the cost of new TPMS sensors and center caps. GM wants nearly $40 each for center caps... No way! I'll swap. I did purchase TPMS sensors cheaper from Parts Geek.

Yes, you can find a few on Ebay. I did and almost pulled the trigger on a few out there. Problem is, they're typically used and/or refinished wheels. Those being chromed or PVD chromed, are more obviously. These again, are NEW GM wheels, in their boxes. Never used, still in the wrapping...

05-01-13, 12:01 PM
You can't use the TPM units out of the old wheels, can you? I would think it would cause sealing problems and leak.

05-01-13, 12:05 PM
Should be able to barring no physical damage to it. The sensor just mounts to the valve stem.

I got new ones because I plan on using both sets, so I didn't want to tear down my current wheels to get parts I needed for the new ones.

05-01-13, 12:20 PM
You can't use the TPM units out of the old wheels, can you? I would think it would cause sealing problems and leak.

I reused all 4,just swapped them over from my oem set to my powdercoated set

05-01-13, 01:44 PM
Thanks guys, I think I'm going to go with the black chrome.

05-01-13, 03:29 PM
I'm looking for the chrome ones for my 06 V. I have the black ones on my car. Didn't know if we could swap or what you had. I just don't want to pay that kind of cash for wheels.

05-01-13, 03:43 PM
Unfortunately with the 6 lug, necessary positive offset to cover the Brembo calipers, and staggered sizes, your options aren't many and those that are available, are expensive. Both OEM and aftermarket.

$885 really isn't a lot for a set of rims to be honest. Yea they're not Discount Tire's universal wheel cheap, but my Holden wheels on my GTO were $1,200 plus FX conversion, and shipping from Australia.

05-02-13, 07:05 AM
They are the stock painted wheels, not chrome.

Berger 93
05-02-13, 05:57 PM
I have some iForged customs 19/20 for sale with tires.

05-03-13, 02:46 PM
message my berger. might be interested!!

The Raven
05-05-13, 01:34 PM
Question.. for spare tire purposes in case of a flat on a long trip.. would the 18's be ok temporarily on the back if lets say a back tire blew out? Would the 19's be ok in the front? I've recently been thinking of buying another rim for spare purposes. Thanks.

You can mount the 18's on the rear, but you would have to change BOTH rears. You can't run ONE 18 and ONE 19 on the rear. Aside from the extremely dangerous stability issues, you'd tear the differential to pieces.

05-05-13, 10:39 PM
cool thanks. glad you said something. Definitely not gonna do that now.

02-21-14, 08:03 PM
I want to give my STS V a square setup vs. the staggered 18in to 19in setup.

Does anyone know for sure if I was to purchase two rear 19in factory OEM wheels and try to set them up on the front - if they would rub on the wheel base or how it would drive overall?

02-23-14, 02:59 PM
I'm all square with 20X9's up front 255/35zr20's and 20x10.5 rear with 305/35zr20's and there are absolutely no rubbing at all, she looks ominous, running Savini's $1250 each plus the run flats was close to $8000, you can do it but it cost to be the Boss! Rims should be about 10% of your cars value anyway, why short change yourself, with all the various applications out there beef her up! She still spins those 305's off the line!

02-23-14, 09:54 PM
I guess I didn't know that there was such a standard...

I'd rather spend that kind of money elsewhere.

03-03-14, 11:30 PM
I've seen a few STS V's w/ the iForged Legacy V2 Wheels Concave Series and I think they look great on the car.

Does anyone on here know of anyone potentially selling these or have an estimate of how much the wheels would run? (20x10.5 for rear and 20x9 for fronts)

-- I'm really looking for the black centers w/ the carbon fiber lips.