: Tinted Windows Cadillac STS-V

04-29-13, 10:42 PM
Planning on tinting my windows to the maximum allowed tint in NY. No windshield. I've heard there are different types of tints. Carbon? and metallic tint? Anything I should know before I do this? Anyone have any issues with GPS as a result of a certain type of tint? Is anything else on the car affected? Thanks.

06 STS Rob
04-30-13, 12:19 AM
I'm runnin 5% all the way around (no windshield) with no issues. Front door windows are illegal to tint at all in CA but I've been lucky so far...
The metallic is said to have better UV protection but tends to run a little darker.

04-30-13, 05:15 AM
This may help
Only 70% on the side windows, wow!

04-30-13, 05:20 AM
If you live in NY your pretty much screwed on tint...

70 percent on both front and rear passenger doors for our car. Rear window can be any darkness. Top 6'' of windshield can be tinted to any darkness, but can not be reflective.

Where in NY are ya? I know in my area (capital region) local cops LOVE to give tint tickets as its bread and butter for local government in fines. Ive known people who have paid literally thousands in tint tickets over the past few years. Id LOVE to tint mine as i think it would look great with my black powdercoated wheels and grilles, but not even taking the risk

04-30-13, 12:18 PM
I have what I think is 35% on all my windows and the cops don't bother me. 5% is way too dark for me. Can't see out at night

04-30-13, 12:58 PM
I am in Queens, NY. Let's say I have NC plates and I'm driving in a state that has more restrictive tint laws than NC. Can I be ticketed? Also, I have a NY PBA card so I probably won't be ticketed for tints in NY, but I don't want to constantly be pulled over. I'll probably do the 70% all around except windshield and be done with it. So does anyone here actually HAVE the metallic ones? If they really offer better UV protection, that's what I want to go with. That's the primary reason for the tints. Secondary are it not being so hot in the car in the summer, and the look.

04-30-13, 04:23 PM
Yes, im pretty sure you can still be ticketed. NY is a money hungry state. Anyway they can get it from you, you can damn well bet they are going to try

04-30-13, 06:07 PM
i have reflective film on mine, its the only film i use. i love the look on silver car, its sliver during day and black at night (referring to tint)

06 STS Rob
04-30-13, 06:31 PM
Mine is metalic but I've had both. Can't say I can tell a diference but the long term may show it.
The 5% does make left turns hard at night but being in SoCal, it's well worth it to keep the car dark and cool durring the day. Another nice thing is the privacy you get with your girl on those long road trips...

04-30-13, 07:10 PM

04-30-13, 07:23 PM
I have 35% ceramic It $100+/- more than normal tint but looks nice and blocks heat real well. I had 3 black on black cars. I have 35% on all my cars and live in pa where any non factory tint is a no no. And had no issues even when I get pulled over for other things lol.

Dave G
05-01-13, 08:15 PM
The guys that's doing mine swears by the ceramic tint. Again $100 more than normal tint.

05-01-13, 10:29 PM
Did a google search and found this. If you read all the posts on the page, you'll find Ceramic is in fact the way to go.

Also, this page shows the different types. I'm going to go with "formula one pinnacle series ceramic tint." Now I just got to find a place around me that has it.

05-02-13, 10:45 PM
First I called about 15 tint places around here and asked each one if they had "formula one pinnacle series ceramic tints." None did. One place had other tints from Llumar. They had the CTX Llumar Ceramic Tint, a lesser tint, but still good. Llumar apparently makes these tints, and has a whole line of tints, including the blue stock ones on Benzes. That place that carried the other model of Llumar tints gave me the number for Llumar, 18008517781, and told me to ask them who around me has the tints. Called, and got the place. Spoke to the guy at Llumar for a while and he said not every tint shop carries Llumar. the formula one is their premium tint. Llumar does not want to saturate the market with the formula one, so the dealer that carries it has to get special training on it, and has to meet certain requirements. That's why it's not so easy to find a place that has it. Call the number and they'll tell you where to go. So I called the place around me that carries it and they said that Llumar doesn't make the F1 in a 70% tint, and that 70% is practically clear glass. The closest they have to the NYS legal 70% tint, (lets 70% of light in) is a 50%. I've been doing a little research and 50% doesn't look that dark. I think I'm just gonna go with the 50%. Worst case, I get pulled over and show the PBA card. Now that I think of it though, I see a lot of people in NY with tints darker than 70%. Does anyone have 50% tints that has pics of their car to show?

05-03-13, 07:35 AM
I know it's not Formula one or CTX but it may give you a shading idea. 70% may be close to the factory tint, not sure.


I used the 3M on mine (35%), no problems so far, and here in Florida we cook the glass (and paint) in the summer.

05-03-13, 01:26 PM
On gm truck/suv factory tint on them is 30% making 35% as close to factory match as you can get. It's just a little lighter witch is good on front windows.

05-04-13, 12:34 AM
Me and my roommate drove up to
Ny in a rental for a wedding this weekend. Rented a cadillac xts. Nice car. Wouldn't trade mine for it, nor would he trade his cts. Either way, the glass has a factory tint of 70% so now I have an idea of what it looks like. Ill snap a couple of pics so people can see for future reference but you wouldn't think it was tinted looking at it. Think I'm just gonna tint mine at 50% and risk it. Should be alright.

05-08-13, 05:36 PM
The place nearest me that does the llumar f1 pinnacle series ceramic tint quoted me $295 for all but the windshield. I asked if llumar made that film in a 100% tint, in other words letting all light in (for the windshield) she said yes, and that the factory glass blocks out 30% of uv rays as it is being that its tempered glass. I asked what adding the clear film would do, she said it would bump it up to 99%. Like I said I'm doing this to protect my interior. So the 50% on the sides and back with the clear for the windshield makes it $400 even. I'm doing it. Also still have the pics of the factory 70% tint from the xts which ill upload when I'm on my computer.

I can't upload a picture that can actually be seen without a magnifying glass on this website so if anyone is interested in seeing what the factory 70% tint looks like, hit me up. It even says on the glass 70%.

05-09-13, 07:09 AM
I think all new cars our at least gm ones are 70% right from the factory. I know my 11 chevy truck is. it's just to block the uv and glare at night.

05-09-13, 10:55 AM
I have 35% tint on both cars in upstate NY, the legal percent isn't worth the effort. Some tint materials will reduce radio reception in the AM band so if you listen to AM ask the tinter which is best.

05-09-13, 12:15 PM
the ceramic won't affect radio reception. It's the metallic ones that are supposed to interfere. And you're right about it not being worth it. I'm going with the 50%. I really feel like I see a bunch of people doing it anyway as it is. I don't think its heavily enforced in NYC. Even if I'm pulled over, I'll flash the PBA card and I should be straight. By the way, I'm an idiot. the same factory tint on the XTS is on my car. If you look at the little writing on the glass you'll see something that says TRAN 70% or something like that.

05-10-13, 11:52 AM
If I were you I would go with 35% I have it on all my cars and have on issues in pa. 50% is still very light and you will want darker. Just do 35% and be done with it.

05-10-13, 11:58 AM
I'd love to but I'm afraid I'd be attracting too much attention in ny where 70% is the legal limit.

05-10-13, 12:25 PM
I'm telling you every one runs 35% and 70% is stock no tint at all just uv reducers. Your driving a caddy not a busted Honda civic with limo tint on it. Pa is a 0% tint state and I have never had a ticket for tint. It's the same fine for any tint so might as well pay for tint that looks like tint.

05-10-13, 09:37 PM
ah just looked it up. Didn't realize PA tint laws are even stricter than NY. 70% all around for PA. NY is 70% except the back is any tint desired. Can you show me what your car looks like with the 35% please. Thanks man. If it doesn't look too dramatically, attention grabbingly dark I'll go 35.

05-11-13, 08:27 AM
Pm me your email and I will send you some pics of it.

05-11-13, 09:58 PM
Here's my XTS with newly 35% tinted windows all around.

05-11-13, 10:39 PM
Congrats on the car. Looks good. thanks for the pics. I see you're in the garage there. I'm guessing when it's outside in the sun, it doesn't look as dark? because if that's basically how it's gonna look in general, I think I'll be attracting way too much NYPD attention.

05-11-13, 11:02 PM
Here is mine with 35% on all windows. The rear ones look darker because the rear window is tinted.


05-11-13, 11:26 PM
Congrats on the car. Looks good. thanks for the pics. I see you're in the garage there. I'm guessing when it's outside in the sun, it doesn't look as dark? because if that's basically how it's gonna look in general, I think I'll be attracting way too much NYPD attention.

Thanks. Yes, in garage and in the sun it doesn't look as dark. Supposed to be sunny here tomorrow so I'll take a few pics then and post.

05-12-13, 01:09 AM
Well I'll tell you what, that pic you put up there Tim does it for me. I'm going 35%. Thanks for the pic.

05-12-13, 08:13 PM
Well I'll tell you what, that pic you put up there Tim does it for me. I'm going 35%. Thanks for the pic.

Here are a few outside shots with 35%.

05-12-13, 10:11 PM
oh yeah. that seals the deal. 35% it is. Thanks for taking the time to snap these. Thanks again to you, Tim as well.