View Full Version : New to Cadillac and the Forums!

Lone Star Blue
04-29-13, 05:44 PM
Hi all, Just picked up my new ATS this weekend, leaving behind BMW. So far so good. This pic was taken right after delivery, when I took my son to the Frontiers of Flight Museum at Love Field in Dallas. I had this unintentional photo opp. Glad to be in an American car that can handle with the best!

Stevo Supremo
04-29-13, 06:32 PM
Congrats!! fantastic car isn't it? you'll love it ;)

Rifle and rucksack
04-29-13, 09:11 PM
Welcome to the forum and cadillac. My first caddy also. Good color and trim combo!

04-29-13, 11:37 PM
Welcome from Irving/Las Colinas.

04-30-13, 11:27 AM
Nice, congratulations! Just for a second as I scrolled down I thought you had your car delivered by helicopter...

Lone Star Blue
04-30-13, 02:43 PM
Thanks everyone for the well wishes. Yes, 73JPS, that would've been epic.

05-02-13, 08:55 AM
Nice car and photo. Which trim level did you get?

Lone Star Blue
05-03-13, 12:03 PM
Nice car and photo. Which trim level did you get?

Thank you. Its a Premium 3.6.

06-23-13, 05:26 PM
I wish I had thought to do a photo op when I drove off the lot from Sewell myself

06-26-13, 04:42 PM
Great picture of a gorgeous car! Best wishes with your "Black Beauty!"