: Wanted: Stock Springs or HELP!

04-29-13, 03:48 PM
I put an Eibach pro-kit on my 10' CTS AWD Wagon. The rear tires are wearing on the inside and it can't be cambered enough to fix the problem. I can find any solution to this problem from Eibach or SPC Performance.
Has anyone solved this problem?
Does anyone have a rear pair or all springs to sell cheap? Or I will trade my Eibach rears for stock rears.
Thanks for any help.

04-30-13, 02:51 PM
Don't tell me you threw your old ones away? Never do that until you are ABSOLUTELY sure you like the mod!

There are a set available on eBay right now (go buy a lottery ticket right now!) Buy it now for $45 or best offer - with free shipping.
Item number:

good luck, Marv

05-03-13, 09:38 AM
The LCA have some factory adjustment and there should be a camber bolt kit if not. I will check with my suspension alignment shop. Looking at my friends wagon some spacers might do the trick. A 0.50" -0.75" spacer should level the back of the Wagon.

0.50" works best on the Sedan but on the Wagon will sit a little lower in the rear compared to the front (empty). With the 0.75" the back will be a little higher than the front.

05-03-13, 09:43 PM
I have my stock springs and I'll be selling my H&R springs as well because I'm getting coilovers next week, hit me up of you're interested