: 69 Eldorado won't start consistently. Please help.

04-29-13, 12:02 PM
Hello forum this is my first post! I recently bought a 69 Eldorado and have been having a bit of trouble with it. It will not start consistently. Sometimes it will start up no problem at all, occasionally I will have to try to start 6-10 times before it fires up and more often then not it will just not want to start at all. I'm confused because when I turn the key in the ignition to start it sometimes I will hear a rapid clicking noise, what is that? But sometimes I will not hear it at all and it won't start. I'm not sure if it is the battery because all the lights in the car and outside of it turn on when I have the key half way turned in ignition, just like they're suppose to. I have already bought a new starter and installed it correctly. Any ideas as to what the problem might be? I'm certain it's not the engine because when I do get it running it will not break down, doesn't spit or sputter and there's no knocking. Is it a connection to the engine? Finally on a side note I know I have a leak in my fuel line, I'm going to repair that very soon, do you guys think that might be my problem?

04-30-13, 02:21 AM
How old is the starter. I had a new starter, actually rebuilt go bad in one month. Check your wiring ground, power etc. As long as you are getting fuel the leak shouldn't affect it. But get the leak fix really important.

Check the 3 tho fuel, air, spark. But the clicking is electrical or starter.

05-02-13, 01:23 PM
One thing which you may have done already, clean your battery terminals well. This can cause intermittent starting running issues. The gas leak could somehow be affecting the fuel priming. My quadrajet carb floods out intermittently because something gets stuck and does not stop the fuel from flowing. When I goto start it up many times it has leaked the fuel out of the bowl into the intake and requires the mechanical fuel pump to make several revolutions to get fuel back into the carb. That means the engine has to be turned over a good bit to spin the fuel pump. If it was electric pump I would need only wait for the pump to prime it by electricity instead of spinning the engine.

05-05-13, 10:54 AM
As long as the leak is in the line not the carb, that won't cause a starting problem, as long as you are getting gas.

05-30-13, 09:07 AM
How old is the battery? You still might want to try a new one as well. The starter needs some more juice than the lights, you know.