View Full Version : Stock pulley tune.....

04-28-13, 07:41 PM
Hey guys

Few quick questions about afr and timing at stock boost levels

I did some data logs with my diablo sport and the car is running 11.8 afr and 24-25 degrees of timing across the board at wot.

The afr is just ecu estimated so it is not really that reliable but given stock car with just an intake and ltft's within in 1% of zero it should be pretty close.

So my question is what do guys shoot for with timing and fuel on a stock car( with intake)?

There is no knock right now until I do 3 or 4 back to back pulls and even then it is less than 1 degree which I feel is very minor.

Anyway. I have tuned cars for awhile but usually turbo 4s and I could never get that lean or that much timing on pump gas. So I'm not sure where to start my changes(I have a wideband I will hook up to help). Can you go leaner on stock boost? Or should I add timing?????

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks