: 06 srx evap question

04-28-13, 11:58 AM
Where can i find a diagram of the evap systemfor 06 srx... i need to change the solenoid valve as per what i have been reading but i was not able to find on how to do it. Where is the part located? Any references would be of great help!

04-28-13, 01:01 PM
There are 2, the easy one is on top of engine, I believe rt. side. The other is on the canister, a btch to get to, ahead or lf. rear wheel up under body by gas tank. Make sure that's what you need to do before tackling it, manual says need to drop rear subframe. Do you have DTCs?

04-28-13, 07:44 PM
If its the purge solenoid this is how you remove its on top of the passenger valve cover. 2 4 18mm bolts to remove the strut brace take oil and power steering caps off and remove the engine cover 1 10mm holds the solenoid down and has two lines with quick disconnects should take more than an hour tops. Usually can tell its bad when there is a rapid clicking under the hood