View Full Version : Lifting surface areas (points) for a autolift

04-28-13, 10:44 AM
I have an Rotary autolift and want to raise my 09 CTS. The rear area is not a concern as there is a strong area I see where to position the lift arm. But where is the best place at the front of the vehicle? The lift arms will not spread apart enough to reach the cradle attachment. Do you just use the unibody u-shaped support that is just behind the cdadle attachments, or go outboard of that. Just being cautious to not destroy something that is not strong enough to lift the car. What do the dealerships and shops use?

04-28-13, 11:17 AM
Found it using Bing that referred back to here. The search engine for this forum did not (not saying anything derogatory). I guess that I will just mention that if you do not find something using the search box on this site, try a Bing or Google that might refer you right back here. There is a ton of useful info on this site. Attached is a document showing the lift points in case anyone needs the info.:thumbsup: