: Am I the only person in the world with these wheels????

04-27-13, 03:41 PM
I bought my 2007 STS about 6 months ago with these aftermarket 17" chrome wheels. The parts guy at the Cadillac dealership thinks they're from a company called MC2 which went out of business. I've never seen another STS with these exact wheels on the street, for sale online, or in any photo in a google image search. Unfortunately, while getting new tires at NTB one of the techs broke a center cap which I was able to fix with tape and so far has not fallen off, and NTB said they would reimburse me if I bought a new one and showed them a recipt. I looked all over Ebay, and google searched trying to find someone selling this center cap and have found nothing. My only option now if the repaired one falls off is to buy a different matching set of 4 from GM. If anyone recognizes these wheels and has any info on where to find center caps, that would be fantastic!!!!

04-27-13, 04:59 PM
A couple of solutions/alternatives:

04-27-13, 05:13 PM
You beat me to it..............:sneaky:

04-28-13, 11:16 AM
They broke it

Make them find it

04-28-13, 11:41 AM
They broke it

Make them find it

Exactly. Make them do all the leg work. Their fault, not yours

04-28-13, 12:27 PM
If they're dumb enough to break it they are probably too stupid to find a new one. Stand on principle and you'll wind up doing without. Keep looking yourself.

04-28-13, 03:25 PM
They refunded me an additional $35 for my time, effort and gas to drive to and from the dealer, and yes I think they're too dumb to handle that task. I thought NTB would offer higher quality service than Discount Tire or Pep Boys, but its actually completely the opposite. The sales associate I talked to tried to sell me an alignment before even pulling my car into the shop, he looked out the window at my car and said, "I can tell without even looking at it, you're going to need an alignment." I could tell by the date code it had the original tires with 60,000 miles and they were evenly worn, so I told him don't bother. Then after breaking the center cap the same guy offered me a free alignment, but didn't make a note of it on the computer or on the invoice. So when I went back to get my free alignment the guy I dealt with before and the manager weren't there and the sales associate wouldn't authorize it since there was no proof I should get it besides the story I told her. I've decided it's not worth my time, the car probably doesn't need an alignment, and they might break or screw something else up in the process. I'll also make sure to tell everyone I know to never take their car to NTB in Lombard, Illinois. Go next door to Discount Tire, they installed tires on my Vette and did a perfect job.